Currently living in NYC, I was born in Chicago and lived in California where I earned a BFA degree at the Art Institute of Southern California. I publish the websites Art in Brooklyn and Art in New York City which promote local artists.

Artist Statement
The first comment people make on seeing my work is about color. I love using bright colors, colors that vibrate off the surface of the painting and make an immediate and direct connection with the viewer. My subjects are figures in urban environments. I’m inspired by the way the city and its inhabitants constantly change and reinvent themselves to adapt to new situations. The busyness of the city translates well into a very active paint surface.

In my pictures I depict figures walking either individually or in small groups. The composition resembles the view of a city street with the placement of pedestrians creating a visual rhythm as they move through the space. My paintings feature a highly abstracted method of depiction – a figure can be reduced to a gesture or built from simple shapes, while architectural elements are noted with directional lines.

I apply the paint using a variety of techniques to explore the full range of painting and its possibilities. Sometimes the paint is applied thickly, creating lush slabs of paint. In other places it can be brushed thinly as a wash or thickly with the bristles drawing furrows through the stroke, it can be smooth or textured with uneven layers of paint accumulating to form valleys and ridges. I’ll use nontraditional tools like sticks or cardboard to create new unexpected textures.

I see painting as a visual language that the eye reads as it moves across the surface of the painting. The contrast between using paint as a means of representation and exploring its material properties creates visual excitement as the painting cycles between representation and abstraction. Figures can emerge from the activity on the painting’s surface or the image can deconstruct into an abstract exploration of pictorial elements depending on how different passages are viewed. I’m continually exploring new methods and ways of thinking about the process of painting.


Downtown Brooklyn Legends, Juried Group Exhibition at The Brooklyn Historical Society, curated by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
Charmed Entanglements
, Solo Exhibition at Figureworks Gallery, Brooklyn
Ten Year Anniversary, Group Exhibition at Brooklyn Oenology, NYC
Ki-net-ic, Group Exhibition at Court Tree Collective, NYC

Chroma Is Key
, Group Exhibition at University of Bridgeport, CT
Solo Exhibition at Brooklyn Oenology, NYC
Solo Exhibition hosted by Chashama at 1133 6th Avenue, NYC

Six Bridges
, Solo Exhibition at Urban Folk Art Gallery, Brooklyn
Fountain Art Fair
Nu Hotel, Art Installation, Brooklyn
My Sister’s Doll, Figureworks Gallery, Brooklyn

Faces of Figureworks
, Figureworks Gallery, Brooklyn
Williamsburg Galleries Keeping it Local, Brooklyn Oenology
Crest Hardware Show
Collo, Warehouse Gallery

, Solo Exhibition at Figureworks Gallery, Brooklyn
Crest Hardware Show
Film: HBO Girls, work appears on Invitation to the Set

Art in a Box Fundraiser
, Masters Pelavin Gallery, NYC
One in Four, Lolita Bar, NYC
Summer in the City, Purume Gallery, NYC
Mmmm… I Want to Eat That Art, Corridor Gallery, Brooklyn

INSIGHT Magazine Launch, Brooklyn (co-curator)
Community Art Jam, Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC
Spread the Love Group Exhibit, Breukelen Coffee House, Brooklyn
New and Used Paintings (with John Tebeau), Sweet Lorraine Gallery, Brooklyn

Solo Exhibit, Spoke the Hub, Brooklyn
Solo Exhibit, Red Horse Cafe, Brooklyn
Jazz and Art Group Exhibit, Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC

Annual Gowanus Art Studio Tour, Brooklyn
Solo Exhibit, Fall Cafe, Brooklyn
Four Seasons Group Show, Hudson Guild Gallery, NYC

Gowanus Artist’s Studio Tours
Group Show, Ninth Street Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Juried Alumni Exhibition, Laguna College of Art & Design


Wells Fargo
Various Private Collections


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Art Institute of Southern California, BFA
New York Academy of Art